Eating healthy never tasted so good.

Fully imported from Germany. The TupperChef ® Pressure Cooker is thoughtfully designed so you can enjoy more mealtime and less cook time the simple way. 

Extremely versatile & deliciously easy.

Cooks 3X Faster

Prepare quicker, better meals for a busy lifestyle

All-in-one-pot Magic

Achieve all types of cooking easily with richer flavors and better texture - plus the clean-up is easy!

Nutrient Lock

Pressure cooking helps seal in the essential vitamin and minerals in the ingredents - offering heartier, healthier meals.

High Safety Standards

Comes with 4 safety features to ensure complete safety in operation.

Bring innovation to your kitchen.

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Tupper Chef Pressure Cooker (1) 6.5L

Your safety, our priority.

Built with the highest standards, TupperChef ® Pressure Cooker has 4 safety features that offer the safest way to cook, giving you absolute peace of mind every time you use it.

Pressure Indicator Pin

& Locking Slider

Pin indicator will rise once the pressure starts to build blocking the movement of the slider when the pot is under pressure.

Pressure Control Value

Four dials allow more control while cooking: Low pressure, high pressure, depressurize and cleaning mode.

Cooking Indicator

Pressure level is indicated with the rings display in the cooking indicator.

Safety Window

In case of an abnormal increase of pressure inside the pot, gasket forces its way out through this window for the steam to escape.

TupperChef ® Pressure Cooker combines durability, safety and functionality to cook food as quickly and safely as possible, delivering a cooking experience like no other.

Simple, safe & strong.

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