Meet your new household helper.

Tupperware's microfiber towel is a special fabric woven with tiny, microscopic fibers that absorb bacteria and dirt easily and effectively.

A towel in need is your friend indeed.

Watch how a variety of patterns, textures, colors, and sizes can help in many cleaning tasks.

  • Create a healthier environment without chemicals.
  • Use it dry to polish, or wet for gentle cleaning.
  • Use it to remove particles and grease residue.

One cloth for all.

1114 8848

Microfiber Multi-purpose Towel (2)

30 x 30cm

  • Double-sided dense sheared terry.
  • Long fibers for dust pickup, shorter fibers for buffing and polishing.
  • It can be used for car interiors, electronic screens, and keyboards.

Do away with dust.

1114 8847

Microfiber Dust Towel (2)

35 x 30cm

  • Unique "honeycomb" texture to maximize water absorption.
  • No need for detergent with minimal streaking.
  • Lint-free.

Let it shine.

1114 8846

Microfiber Window Towel (2) 

40.6 x 40.6cm

Use our Microfiber towel to remove grease and fingerprints from stainless steel products so you can avoid chemicals that cause skin irritation.


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