What better way to celebrate this season than to treat yourself or your loved ones with these awesome deals! Be it for you or someone special, check out more of these treats in our latest catalog to find the perfect gift. After all, nothing beats a nice surprise from our platter of joyous treats.

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Season of Giving

Here’s your chance to huat (prosper) and draw an angpow from the Tree of Prosperity from 25-29 Jan 2020.

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Huat ah!

54 Anniversary Sign Up Special

Get the Sheerly Elegant Pitcher and impress your guests this season! Enjoy the Sheerly Elegant Pitcher at a good price from 25-29 January 2020.

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Serve elegantly.

54 Anniversary Sign Up Special

Gong Xi Fa Cai from Tupperware Brands. All you need to ring in the Chinese New Year is here! We are here to help you to celebrate this auspicious occasion with friends and family.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Introducing truSÈNSSE Carrier Oil to dilute essential oils  and safely “carry” them into our skin for 

topical application + the Limited Release Citrus Boost.

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Harmony in your wellness journey.

Kami percaya setiap insan mempunyai ciri atau nilai

kecantikan yang tersendiri. Nuryn mampu membantu

anda membina keyakinan diri bagi menyerlahkan

penampilan luaran sekaligus personaliti diri anda.

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Serlahkan Sinarmu.

54 Anniversary Sign Up Special

Tupperware’s microfiber towel is a special fabric

woven with tiny, microscopic fibers that absorb

bacteria and dirt easily and effectively.

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Meet your new household helper.

Fully imported from Germany, the TupperChef® Pressure Cooker is thoughtfully designed so you can enjoy more mealtime  and less cook time the simple way.

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Bring innovation to your kitchen.

Another milestone – 

Asia Halal Brand Awards 2019!

We won the "Customer Experience" Award at the Asia Halal Brand Awards 2019. We couldn’t have made it without you!

Thank you for your love and support for our brand.

Proud as we are for this recognition, we will continue to strive to rise above expectations and come up with more life-changing products and stories.

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