This September, we’ve lined up a fabulous array of products to uplift your mood and put a smile on your face. 

Say hello to September.

Pack your hearty meals on-the-go in these 3 separate compartments that is liquid-tight, and enjoy them with a buddy!

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Scent-sational Essential Oil.

Munch away on hearty delights. 

Did you know that Lavender Essential Oil helps to calm the mind and promotes good sleep? Why not try it with our truSensse 100% Pure Essential Oil? Just add 5-6 drops of lavender into a diffuser with water and diffuse in your bedroom for 30 minutes before bedtime.

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When your childhood memories hit you...relive it with Tupperware! Introducing our latest collection; the Childhood Memories One Touch Set! Every piece tells a story - from your favorite childhood snacks, to your favorite childhood games and hobbies/collection. Spot any that you loved as a child?

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Relive your childhood memories.

New month, new size to add into your collection! Bringing back the elegant Crystalline in a new size to help you serve in style. We love this classy serveware as it’s microwaveable too! If you did not get to buy it the last around, better get it quick!

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Think classy, serve smartly.

Get our Paring Knife and prep effortlessly with every purchase of Tupperware Brands products worth RM/ERM 220. 

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We were in space and the news.

"Tupperware products are designed to enrich lifestyles. It has been both exciting and an honor for us to leverage our existing smart technology features to enhance the creativity and foundation that Dr. Levine and NASA initiated with the PONDS project, while making a small contribution to advancing sustainable vegetation growth during space exploration."

David Kusuma

Tupperware Brands Vice President of Research and Innovation

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