54 Anniversary Sign Up Special

Say hello to August with lots of love and warmth in our brand new catalog! Check out the many other new items that we have lined up just for you in this brand new month.

Beauty meets function in our latest Chef Series cookware. Featuring a 3-ply construction, the Chef Series range is crafted to ensure an efficient spread of heat throughout, cooking food evenly to perfection with less water, less oil.

54 Anniversary Sign Up Special

Beat the heat and stay hydrated in style with Tupperware's special edition Artz Series Eco Bottle

Don’t miss the Early Bird Special! Save Over 30% on the Sea Breeze Set from 17 to 24 Aug 2019. 

54 Anniversary Sign Up Special

The brand new Warmie Tup keeps your food warm for up  to 90 minutes thanks to its double-wall insulation. It even transforms into two stand-alone servers once you separate the inner and outer bowls. 


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We were in space and the news

"Tupperware products are designed to enrich lifestyles. It has been both exciting and an honor for us to leverage our existing smart technology features to enhance the creativity and foundation that Dr. Levine and NASA initiated with the PONDS project, while making a small contribution to advancing sustainable vegetation growth during space exploration."

Tupperware Brands Vice President of Research and Innovation David Kusuma.

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