Fill your home with happiness this month with our brand new fabulous February catalog! Introducing the one jar that does it all, the Universal Jar, the chic Neon Mini Eco Bottle that fits into any handbag, the classy Blossom Serveware in a brand new color and more, giving you the wonderful home solutions that meet your every need.

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Bringing versatility to a different level!

Introducing the one jar that does it all, the Universal Jar! Comes in 3L in size, this liquid and airtight Universal Jar is perfect to store your drinks on-the-go for a picnic, snacks, dried ingredients and even your hobbies essential to organize your home! Isn’t it versatile? You can never get enough of this beautiful jar to store or even to decorate your home

Discover the beauty 

and balance in just one bottle!

A touch of Aloe Vera 

to keep your skin hydrated

Habbatus Sauda.

Meet your new household helper.

Fully imported from Germany, the TupperChef® Pressure Cooker is thoughtfully designed so you can enjoy more mealtime  and less cook time the simple way.

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Bring innovation to your kitchen.

Another milestone – 

Asia Halal Brand Awards 2019!

We won the "Customer Experience" Award at the Asia Halal Brand Awards 2019. We couldn’t have made it without you!

Thank you for your love and support for our brand.

Proud as we are for this recognition, we will continue to strive to rise above expectations and come up with more life-changing products and stories.

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