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Optimize your storage space this October with these fantastic deals! Get them by 31 October 2018.

Enjoy savings and nifty ways to make & serve homemade treats! Get them by 31 October 2018.

Do you have constant backaches? Gradual loss of height? A stooped posture? Or suspect that you have weakened bone? We’ve got just the solution for you.

Magix Lip Color works according to your body chemistry to create a long-lasting, personalized color for your lips. Enriched with moisturizer and Vitamin E to protect lips. Now available in 3 new colors!

It’s obvious that Nano Nature Water Filtration System is the better choice for smart savers. Ensure you provide your loved ones with clean, nutrient-rich water for their everyday consumption. Don’t miss out on the Twin Pack Saver, get 2 Nano Nature Pleated Filter Cartridge and Save over 10%!



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1 Oct - 11 Nov 2018

Have a positively awesome October with our latest product offerings. Spread the positive vibes and make a statement with our Stay Positive Eco Bottles. Also, make the smarter choice and choose to keep all your fresh ingredients and cooked food in Tupperwares. We’ve got you covered from drinking to serving and on-the-go. 



With this complete guide, you'll find everything you need to now about our full range of Tupperware products, plus plenty of useful tips.

Achieve inner balance.  Radiate outer beauty. Find the best that works for you.

High in the Himalayas with extreme weather conditions, the Hunza people enjoyed wondrous health, longevity and remarkable youthful complexion. 

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We were in space and the news

"Tupperware products are designed to enrich lifestyles. It has been both exciting and an honor for us to leverage our existing smart technology features to enhance the creativity and foundation that Dr. Levine and NASA initiated with the PONDS project, while making a small contribution to advancing sustainable vegetation growth during space exploration."

Tupperware Brands Vice President of Research and Innovation David Kusuma.

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